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Beltane Blessings

The Beltane festival is a pagan celebration of fire, fertility, and rebirth. Spring is at its peak, and summer is coming, we are now midway between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice.
This is a time of sensuality, joy and revelry and a scared moment to
move from planning to action towards any goals or dreams you may desire.
Some ways you could celebrate;
Write a wish upon a ribbon and tie it a to a tree, in the hopes that the gods will grant them. Hawthorn, ash, thorn and sycamore trees are believed to be the best trees for making wishes.
Dancing around the Maypole, participants hold the ribbons and dance around the pole, weaving the ribbons into a beautiful pattern. The dance symbolises the union between the masculine and feminine energies and is believed to bring fertility and prosperity. 
Wash your face in the morning dew. As the sun rises on Beltane, Women have traditionally collected the fresh morning dew from the grass and flowers of a Beltane morn to cleanse their faces. This elixir embued with life is said to purify and bring great beauty to all who wash with its waters.
What ever you do on this beautiful day may it be filled with joy.
x Claire x