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Feeling Romantic

This last couple of weeks I have been researching and experimenting with designs for Valentines themed jewellery.

Its interesting as it made me think a lot about whether we really should 'need' a specified day to celebrate our loved ones. But similarly to Christmas I think that it is a good opportunity to remind ourselves to cherish the people we love and care about and maybe give them something to show this.

This helps them remember they are loved when there are times that we all get too busy to say it.

I really like the iconography of the arrow through the heart and all the symbolism and meaning behind it. Being struck by cupids arrow, being head over heels in love with someone is such a wonderful feeling. But as relationships age this feeling can fade into a strong steady bond, Valentines day can be your excuse to recapture those heightened emotions between you and celebrate the love you had, have and will continue to give each other.