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IMBOLC - the coming of spring

Imbolc - the coming of spring

Later this week will be the midpoint between the winter solstice and the spring equinox and according to Celtic traditions it is a time to celebrate Imbolc, a stirring of life beneath the frosty earth. Imbolc is celebrated around February 1st and 2nd and marks the gentle transition from winter's slumber to the promise of spring. 

As the days get gradually longer I encourage you immerse yourself in nature, take a mindful walk in a park, woodland or forest, breath in the changing air and observe the awakening of new life. Small shoots emerging through the frosted earth and the birds busying themselves in preparation of spring.

My plans

As well as going for walks and taking in nature as it starts to awaken I will be busy preparing and planning for this coming year and all that entails. Busy both within my business as well as home and a lot of garden preparation! Preparing the soil, sowing seeds, de-cluttering my home, giving myself time and space to learn and grow in my business as well as planning future events. Spending more time in outside in nature and in my studio to allow myself to be inspired and creative for the coming year.



Imbolc, deeply rooted in Gaelic history, intertwines with the ancient celebration of Brigid, the Celtic goddess of hearth, poetry, and healing. As the wheel of the year turns, Imbolc heralds the waning of winter and the impending arrival of spring. In Celtic lore, Brigid embodies the maiden aspect of the triple goddess—a symbol of youthful potential, inspiration, and fertility.

Historically, Imbolc marked a time of preparation for the agricultural season, as the ancient Gaelic people cleansed and purified their homes to welcome the growing light. The festival's association with ewes and lactation emphasised the imminent birth of lambs and the promise of abundance. Fire played a pivotal role, symbolising Brigid's sacred flame and the returning vitality to the land.

Pagan communities engaged in rituals to invoke Brigid's blessings, seeking her guidance in matters of creativity, healing, and protection. The lighting of candles and bonfires served as beacons, inviting Brigid's presence into homes and hearts.