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January 2024

My new years resolution is to work harder on the admin side of my business!

This has always been my weaker side.... i just love making shiny things and definitely find the admin side of running a business harder. So I have signed up to do the Jewellers business academy this year and also have this as a starting list of to dos;

  • Writing blogs (regularly!) & creating a newsletter- keeping my followers more up to date with things I am doing and plans I have.
  • Reviewing pricing- This is not something I enjoy at all! But I need to make sure that Kasasagi is a sustainable business for me to continue running for years to come.
  • Photography of my jewellery, as so many people say it looks so much better in person and I want to make sure if your not able to come and see me at an event you can still get a good accurate view of it!
  • Accounts - keeping on top of these and organising receipts etc monthly! Its never any fun when I have to go through them all at once.
  •  Update website- I haven't ever really given my website a revamp and I think it is now in desperate need of this! 

 So.. lots to get on with, but look I've started with the first blog of the year ^^