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Friends of Kasasagi

I am extremely lucky that in creating Kasasagi Jewellery I have become part of some amazing communities, and met so many fantastically talented and supportive people. Because of this I wanted to create a space for some of my friends to share their talent with you.
I hope you will adore their work as much as I do!
x Claire x

Friends of Kasasagi Jewellery for all your Tabletop gaming & TTRPG needs

Critical Kit
Tim & Sarah are an epic team, writing awesome RPG's, making and selling beautiful dice! Check out their award winning solo RPG Be like a crow- you get to be a corvid whats not to love?!
Honey Badger games
Catherine and her team create delicious edible dice, meeples and potions that are a perfect gift for any class!
They also now blend tea! They're my two favourite things in once place!
I can feel a hole in my pocket emerging...


Trayed and Tested
Aby makes beautiful dice trays and bags using gorgous fabrics.
I might need to buy a new one for each of my different characters...
Thornless Rose
Stunning handmade dice, beautifully crafted.

Friends from the alternative small business community

Naomi is such a lovely vibrant person who creates sustainable concrete home-ware with gold leaf.
Fiona is a illustrator working in lino printing, she creates stunning prints often inspired by folk law and ancient myths and legends.
Print is dead
Elyssa creates a 'curious collection of mythology, magic and the macabre', inspired by nature, the macabre, folklore and fantasy themes.
Rach is a fantastically talented maker of art/toys/creatures from acorns with little butts! ghosts to stagletts and bats once you have one you will want to collect them all!
SLAB jewellery
A fellow Bristol based jeweler Hannah creates jewellery full of skulls, roses and daggers! I mean... whats not to love!
Tribal Mythica
Esther & Martin are a perfect team creating stunning leather work.